Samara - Aabha

Rs. 21,700.00

Unique, luxurious, soft and light. Eri Silk is a joy to wear.

  • Yarn: handspun eri silk
  • Weave: handwoven plain
  • Craft: hand embroidery kasuti
  • Handloom Series: Samara
  • Size: 44" x 5.5 mt saree; 1 mt blouse
  • Color: rich cream, natural dye- tea
  • Care: dry clean
  • Variations in colour and weave may be present due to the nature of the handloom product

 Age-old Eri silk: During the Ahom king Siva Singa’s reign, his queens, Ambika and Sarbeswari (1731-44) made the spinning of eri silk and weaving popular.  Eri, till date, is a primary silk of Assam.

At Taatini, we follow the same age-old practices of rearing eri silkworms organically. It is a peace silk, where the moth is not killed, but naturally flies away, leaving behind an open-ended cocoon. The cocoons are carefully flattened by immersing them in water and dried on the outer walls of the mud huts of our artisans in their villages.

Next, the yarn is gently drawn out and handspun using a spindle (thokura) to a fine count, and then handwoven into soft light sarees. Our sarees are hand-dyed using natural extracts from the environment.

Kasuti is the delicate and intricate hand embroidery from Karnataka dating back to the Chalukya period. Its traditions lie in the folk art of  rangoli patterns and geometric representation of the artisans' surroundings.

Our Samara collection merges the heritage of two distant regions bringing you a one-of-a-kind luxurious saree.