All-Time Favourites

Samara Taatini


Seamlessly handwoven and intricately hand embroidered



Silk and cotton Ahom-inspired design in satin weave



Organza with Assamese traditional border in kadahi weave


The drape of my eri silk saree is similar to what I've seen in renaissance oil paintings. This is a treasure I will pass to one of my daughters.

Mrudula Koshy

I love that the Taatini experience makes us connect to the artisans. It makes this experience so real.

Kavita Vij

Natural is my favorite because of the use of Eri silk. The colour palette and styling of the collection is interesting.

Shweta Shetty

I love the intricate work and lovely colours in the Kasuti collection! The natural vegetable dye colours and the concept of Taatini is so unique!

Uma Raju

Samara is one of my favorite collections! I love Taatini's exploration of fabrics and design!

Kamala Reddy

My first purchase is a delight. Its understated design makes it super elegant. The silk fabric is soft and drapes beautifully.

Dolly Mathur

I love Taatini's commitment towards creating an honest product. Aurum is my favorite collection!

Vinuja Kudva

I love the colours of the fabric and the Assamese motifs in the Taatini sarees. Jinsha and Majuli are my favorites!

Sheila Shiva Rao

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Stripes Taatini


Vegetable dyed ‘peace’ silk Eri in minimalist stripes

Minakari Taatini


500 yr motif on Silk and georgette with tissue pallu



Hand twisted zari and Indian silk organza

Phul Pahi

Phul Pahi

Inspired by a 100-year-old Bodo tribe attire 'Dokhona'



Hand-spun vegetable dyed ‘peace’ silk- Eri