Minakari jade

Rs. 27,000.00

Handwoven for a light luxurious drape, this Taatini is adorned with a revived 500-year-old Ahom zari motif called the Kinkhap. A tissue pallu with the Kinkhap designed only in the pleats and in the pallu. Minakari, a technique that evolved from the inlay and enamel work found in Mughal monuments and jewellery. In our handloom Minakari sarees, the enamel is reflected by coloured silk inserted by hand to outline the motifs.                                              
Woven in Benares, a one-of-a-kind saree, reflecting the intermingling of innovative  design with traditional techniques of India's handloom heritage.

  • Yarn: mulberry silk, georgette with tissue pallu
  • Weave: plain with minakari work
  • The motifs are on the pallu and the pleats of the saree 
  • Handloom Series: borders
  • Size: 44" x 5.5 mt saree; 1 mt blouse
  • Care: dry clean
  • Color: jade
  • Variations in colour and weave may be present due to the nature of the handloom product