Jinsha - magenta

Rs. 21,400.00

An eye-catching Taatini in contrasting colours with a soft feel and drape, inspired by the Ahoms of Assam and their Burmese origins. Satin and plain weave have been combined with the kadahi technique done by hand to give a classy dramatic aesthetic. Woven in Benares, a one-of-a-kind saree, reflecting the intermingling of innovative  design with traditional techniques of India's handloom heritage.

  • Yarn: silk, cotton and ghisa
  • Weave: kadahi- in each motif the design weft is inserted by hand
  • Handloom Series: borders
  • Size: 44" x 5.5 mt saree; 1 mt blouse
  • Care: dry clean
  • Color: magenta
  • Variations in colour and weave may be present due to the nature of the handloom product